2020 Pool Procedures & Reservations

The Board has worked diligently to secure the Health Department’s approval of a Safety Plan to open the swimming pool. The procedures/requirements included in the plan have been implemented and the pool is officially open!

  • The swimming pool hours will be 9 AM-9 PM.

Occupancy restrictions allow for 25 people to be in the pool enclosure at one time, therefore, we are implementing a reservation system to ensure the pool does not become over occupied and that the pool is available for the many homeowners anticipating its opening.  Please note occupancy restrictions are determined by the Health Department, and non-compliance could lead to pool closure.

Reservations Guidelines:

  1. You must have a reservation in the system to use the pool, even if you visit the pool and see there is space available.
  2. Reservations are available up to 72 hours in advance. 1 reservation time frame may be booked at a time. If there is an opening in the upcoming 24 hours, you may book a second reservation.
  3. No guests are permitted at this time. Pool usages is limited to only those in your household.
  4. The board reserves the right to monitor any monopolizing of reservations and create further restrictions, or cancel any reservations.
  5. Residents are encouraged to disinfect their chairs before and after usage with disinfectant provided in the restroom vestibule.


Other Notes:
• Seating is set up to promote social distancing. Please do not move or rearrange furniture.

• Each family/household is required to make their own reservation and abide by reservation guidelines.

• No floats, rafts, tubes or other flotation devices are permitted into the pool at this time. The only exception is life jackets/devices for young children that are unable to swim.

• Parent(s), Guardian(s) or another responsible party must accompany each household. That individual(s) will be responsible for following all rules and adhering to social distancing guidelines.

• As always, violations should be reported to CAM and will ultimately be handled by the Board. The Board reserves the right to revoke any household’s pool privileges if the pool rules and/or COVID-19 restrictions are violated.