Pool Hours:  6:00 AM-8:00 AM daily is Adult Swim (those swimmers 18 years of age or older)
                    8:00 AM - 9:30 PM daily is All Swim 

Opening Closing Dates:  Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.

The pool may be closed without notice in case of inclement weather, health or maintenance needs.  Those in the pool area outside of the open times or other posted closing times will be handled as trespassers.  A letter of enforcement has been issued to the Police Department allowing them to handle trespassing situations for after-hours swimming.  Please be aware that there is a surveillance system to aid in enforcement.

How do I Access the Pool?  To enter the gate, you must have a proximity access card (white card the size of a credit card).  After holding the card up to the reader, the gate will unlock for entry.  This card should not be given to anyone not permanently residing in the home.  Each family has their own card for the purposes of tracking and security.  You are responsible for those that gain access using your proximity card.  One card is loaned to each household without cost and must be returned prior to the sale of their home.  An additional/replacement card will be issues upon payment of $25/card (max of two cards per lot).

Pool Rules

  1. All persons using the pool area do so at their own risk.  There is no lifeguard on duty.
  2. All persons using the pool area agree to hold the Association and management harmless and free of any liability for damages and/or injuries sustained.  A resident further assumes responsibility for all costs for any damages to pool area caused either personally or by his/her guests.
  3. In case of inclement weather, the pool area must be vacated by all persons.
  4. Diving and running are prohibited.
  5. Make sure the gates are closed behind you as you enter and exit the pool area.
  6. All guests must be accompanied by an adult owner.
  7. All those in the pool area must be able to swim or be with someone that can.  Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.  This is a minimum age requirement; please use individual judgment in determining if this age needs to be higher for your circumstances.
  8. All infant/toddlers must wear leak-proof diapers when in swimming pool.
  9. Pool use is prohibited to any person with skin abrasions, colds, inflamed eyes, infections, any injury requiring a bandage, or any other communicable disease.
  10. No animals (service animals excepted to be in the gated area, but not in the pool), wheeled vehicle (wheelchairs excepted), chewing gum, any tobacco products (including smoking), balls, rafts, tubes, play equipment, glass containers, alcoholic beverages, etc.
  11. No urinating or expectorating or blowing nose in the pool.
  12. No littering.  All trash must be deposited in the proper receptacles.
  13. Proper swimming attire must be worn at all times - absolutely no cut-offs.
  14. No boisterous or rough play, ball playing, etc.
  15. All oils or heavy lotions must be rinsed off prior to entering pool (hurts filter system)
  16. The pool rope must remain in place for pool safety and City requirements.  A missing, broken or removed rope can result in pool closure.
  17. Food and beverages need to be kept in the gazebo area.  A hose and small broom are available to clean up after yourself.  Please help clean-up to keep the bugs away!

What are the Consequences if Rules are Broken?

  1. If management reprimands any person three times on one occasion, dismissal from the pool area will result.
  2. Any person may be denied access to the pool area for violation of these rules and regulations and for any other reason management deems appropriate.