COVID-19 Update

May 18, 2020

The City recently rolled out our current phase of re-opening, which is expected to be updated May 31. The current phase includes stringent rules related to the opening and operation of both public and semi-private pools, which apply to neighborhood pools such as Cascades. The rules include rigorous cleaning and disinfecting throughout the day, water testing and limiting the number of people in the pool area to 10 while enforcing social distancing requirements. Furthermore, a safety plan has to be approved by the Health Department to ensure all guidelines will be followed, and requires an individual to take full responsibility for the implementation and enforcement of the plan. Operating within these guidelines is simply not financially feasible at this time. The current guidelines and safety plan are attached for your perusal.

The Board has taken other factors into consideration, such as the liability to the association, and ultimately to the owners. Insurance policies do not cover bacteria and viruses, putting the association at risk of litigation without coverage.

We do plan to continue monitoring the City/County orders as they apply to the swimming pool, and will be prepared to open at any time should the guidelines relax to a level that is safe and feasible for the association. Please know that should the pool open at any time during the season, we will need the full cooperation of the residents to stay within the social distancing and occupancy guidelines to avoid financial penalties or closure by the City. We anticipate that when/if the pool is open there could be restrictions on guests and potentially time slots for homeowners to sign-up to use the pool in order to allow each home the opportunity to use the pool.

While we understand this is not the update many community members were hoping for, please know that the Board has put significant thought and discussion into this decision and the evaluation of it is ongoing.

Stay safe & healthy!


March 20, 2020

The Board of Directors has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 virus situation.  After thoughtful consideration, we’ve made the following difficult decisions:

  1. Clubhouse usage has been suspended for at least 8 weeks for the safety of our homeowners and guests.  The Association cannot guarantee the Clubhouse can be cleaned to CDC standards between reservations.  Furthermore, the CDC has recommended we all participate in social distancing.  Anyone with an existing reservation between today and May 10 has been notified separately.
    1. At this time we are not accepting requests for reservations that would take place prior to June 1. We’ll continue to monitor the CDCs recommendations and reserve the right to extend the closure beyond June 1.
    2. If circumstances allow, we will open it sooner and honor those existing reservations.
  2. Spring Garage Sale: The Board has decided not to sponsor/organize the Spring garage sale as previously announced.  If you remain interested in holding a Spring garage sale, please do so on the weekend of May 1-2 at your own risk.  The association will not collect addresses for a map or place signs/advertising.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and hope that everyone takes all the necessary precautions to remain healthy and safe. 


Your Board of Directors