Reservation Calendar

COVID-19 Clubhouse Reservation Guidelines:
  1. Only one reservation per day
  2. Reservations are available from 10 AM-10 PM to allow time for cleaning between reservations (you will not be charged the $25/hour fee for events over 4 hours).
  3. Required cleaning & disinfecting fee in the amount of $65 (to cover the cost) must be paid prior to event date.
  4. All reservations must be made a minimum of two weeks prior to the reservation date.  This is strictly for the purpose of being able to line up the cleaning people in between reservations.
  5. Reservations do not include the option to use the pool or outside tables.  No guests may use the pool.
  6. Reservations cannot exceed 20* people and are strongly encouraged to practice social distancing at all times. 
*Occupancy max to equal the current health order